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If you haven’t already, please read our process page to get acquainted with how our studio works.

We are an appointment-only studio and do not take walk-in clients. We only communicate through email, as we don't have a studio phone or a receptionist to answer it. When you’re here, we’re focusing only on you.

To get started, please email your artist of choice to set up a consultation:


Laura Black: [email protected]

Gerrit Verplank: [email protected]

Kimberly Cochran: [email protected]

Johnny Hazard: [email protected]

Nevada Buckley: [email protected]

Joe Crone: [email protected]

Kasey May: [email protected]

Carlos Cazares: [email protected]

Our building is also home to Conjure Salon, a full-service salon owned and operated by Vincent Gingerich. To book an appointment online, please visit: