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Johnny B. Hazard

(yep, that's his real name.)

Johnny is most interested in tattooing pop culture subject matter or anything in his particular new school tattoo style. He enjoys working in color. Johnny is also known for his fineline and script work.

Raised on a steady diet of Saturday morning cartoons over bowls of cereal, Johnny's been drawing since he could hold a crayon. He was always the kid in school who was known as a "good drawer." He first started teaching himself to draw via comic books and the funny pages, and his passion for art only continued to grow from there. He worked for 10 years in new media and graphic design before starting to tattoo.

While he works in town, he lives out among the cornfields with his wife, dogs, and cat. He loves animals and hanging out in his home studio making stuff. Johnny's your friendly neighborhood tattoo artist. He can be a silly goose. He's like your favorite uncle except he's not drunk all the time and he can actually tattoo :)


To set up a consultation appointment, please send an email to:

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