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Kimberly Cochran

Kimberly grew up in a somewhat isolated area of north-central Kentucky on a farm.  As the stereotype would have it, there were always horses.  With the horses at home and both adults in her life being involved in the equestrian industry, she began to draw the horses.  First, they started as absurd creatures with all four legs on one side but evolved into more accurate representations as she began understanding the anatomy and structure more and more each time.  When not sketching the horses, she devoured fantasy novels of dragons and wizards, magic and mystery which fed her early creative mind.  With the addition of comic books and video games, horses became dragons, fields of simple grass became landscapes of imaginary worlds inhabited by creatures that leapt from the pages of the media she consumed right onto the pages she drew.

She graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2003 with a bachelor's degree in art and pursued a career in illustration for just a couple years but as it turns out, thoughts, ideas and imagination sometimes don’t pay the bills.  So, she gave up professional illustration but was still determined to do art as a career and as it happened, tattooing seemed a perfect fit. 

As they say, “if the shoe fits…” and as it happens, the shoe seems to have fit very well for quite some time now.


To set up a consultation appointment, please send an email to:

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Please note that Kimberly's availability fluctuates and may not always be available to take on new projects. If you are interested in a new tattoo, please be sure to include in your email: location, rough size, design concept, color or black and gray, and include any reference images you may have.